SEO Related FAQS

  • What is Search Engine Marketing (PPC)?

    Search Engine Marketing (PPC) or SEM is the technique that helps, websites attract visitors to their site by listing their details on the first pages of a popular search engines. Search Engines lend out their top ranks to links which are either of sites which are optimized in accordance with the webmasters guidelines or pay their way up through a PPC Campaign.

  • Why is Search Engine Placement important for my website?

    For any website that needs to be visible, popular or even recognized on the Internet, it is imperative to be listed on the first few pages of a popular Search Engines. Researches have proved that Search Engines have come to be the primary tool to find information on the web. Hence if you want high quality targeted web traffic coming your way, to be listed on the top of Google or Yahoo might just be the simplest way.

  • How can I optimize my website for Search Engines?

    No matter if you are a new website or an existing one attempting a revamp; to get more traffic on your sites we provide you with are splendid list of services that we render to help you optimize your site.

  • What's the difference between Search Engines and Directories?

    Search engines are basically automated search tools that stock scores of information on their database. To generate results they send spiders which crawl through a website, check records and then index websites to display results. However a directory opposed to a search engine is a manual compilation of data on the Internet. These categorically arrange data to be accessed in hierarchy, allowing users to search for information from the website.

  • What is the difference between Search Engine Marketing (PPC) and Search Engine Optimizations?

    Search Engine Optimization is an activity which is part of Search Engine Marketing (PPC) strategy. Simply put, to carry out all-inclusive and effective Search Engine Marketing (PPC) one needs to optimize a site on the lines of a Search Engine which sums-up one aspect of Search Engine Marketing (PPC).

  • What needs to be done to my website to improve it's ranking on search engines?

    Achieving successful Search Engine Ranking requires in-depth knowledge, of all Search Engine tools along with good know-how of the Internet. A comprehensive Online Marketing Campaign that integrates both On-Page and Off-Pages activities with strategic solutions only will help you improve Search Engine Ranks.

  • How can your service help my business?

    Services of Webmax Technologies help you achieve the best placements on popular search engines with a set of skilled resources and complete knowledge of the online arcade.

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