Dashboard Application

DashboardThe dashboard application shown above summarizes business data pulled from multiple sources. The developers have chosen a variety of visual evidences to help users find, take up, and act on the information as quickly as possible. Parts of the application can be clicked to allow users to see more details about a specific portion of information.

The Dashboard page is the first page you see when you open an application and acts as your application's home page. An application manager can and should customize a Dashboard page by embedding reports or adding explanatory text. The dashboard is where you should post announcements and display important reports.

Dashboards have been around for a long time. When they were first introduced, dashboards provided users with information culled from numerous systems and presented it in one location. Although useful, the data was static and often became outdated quickly.

Businesses are realizing that many dashboards still have limitations such as static data and an inability to react to and update information in a timely manner. It can be difficult for businesses to find and consolidate information from disparate sources within their organizations and to enable dashboards to provide value beyond the executive level.

For dashboards to have a positive impact on a business, companies should make them active so the dashboard can empower the business to measure things its users can actually affect. In other words, dashboards should allow users to view the information they need to make effective business decisions and to take appropriate action.

Through active dashboards, businesses can implement an action plan and assign ownership for each key performance indicator, should that key performance indicator fall out of its target range. An active dashboard also facilitates collaboration, for example by enabling users to initiate a chat session, view participants' online or offline status, and send e-mail.

OLAP cubes, charts, graphs, grids and dashboards enable top management to analyze high volumes of information in very clear and understandable format and provide effective support during the decision-making process.

Advantages like:

  • Accessing accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making
  • Identifying and analyzing opportunities
  • Setting targets and comparing results
  • Identifying trends that indicates benefits or threats
  • Decision making & taking appropriate action at right time

Rightway's goal is to enable development of integrated reporting and analytical solutions to support better business decision making for our clients.

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