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Intranet Extranet applicationAn extranet is a computer network that allows controlled access from the outside, for specific business or educational purposes. An extranet can be viewed as an extension of a company's intranet that is extended to users outside the company, usually partners, vendors, and suppliers. It has also been described as a "state of mind" in which the Internet is perceived as a way to do business with a selected set of other companies (business-to-business, B2B), in isolation from all other Internet users.

In contrast, business-to-consumer (B2C) models involve known servers of one or more companies, communicating with previously unknown consumer users.

You need the power to use your web site as a communication tool. Whether it's with new and existing customers or your employees, web applications allow for that communication to happen and to happen smoothly.  We can use intranet and extranet applications, allowing you to effectively and efficiently communicate your message.

Based on your web site needs, we can customize applications to best suit you. 

Intranet applications can help your employees by facilitating learning, assistance in increased productivity, and strengthening your corporate culture.

Extranet applications allow users personal mobility on your site.  Extranet applications allow users to create profiles on your web site, access information about orders, track progress on projects, or view privileged communication by entering user information into a protected password application.

An intranet or extranet application from Webmax Technologies enables your business to harness all the information and resources that would otherwise be hidden away. It opens up whole new levels of communication and prompt sharing of information between staff and/or customers, helping your business reach its maximum potential in an online world.

We help you find the right choice for your business.

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