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Maintenance and SupportAre your getting your website updated regularly? If yes, are you spending a hoarded wealth on website maintenance? Does your website maintenance company take too long to take care of your needs?

Web Maintenance Services can considerably reduce your web costs by get rid of the need to hire full time programmers or web designers,by outsourcing your web maintenance services, content management system and email campaigning to us, we help you concentrate in your core abilities and attain competitive advantage.
We have been involved and worked on a number of website design maintenance projects that demanded more than just maintaining existing websites and applications but rather on adding new content, bug fixing and constant technical support and many more.

Our website maintenance package enables us to manage your site while you get on with your business! Once your website is launched we undertake a whole range of key activities to accomplish the website maintenance activities.

We believe that this will be the only sustainable combative benefit of the future. Therefore, we are bound up to relationships and long-term collaborative partnerships. We will be interested in not only building applications, but also managing applications so that our best skills can truly complement a business.


Our web maintenance team works on projects that impact more than just maintaining existing websites and applications. They work on enhancing existing applications, adding new content, search engine optimization, bug fixing and constant technical support.

At Webmax Technologies we offer a broad range of website maintenance services and support options - from simple text edits to enhancing your website with the latest in web technology. We also provide training services to make maintaining your site in-house more expeditious.

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