Hosting Related FAQS

  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is a server (commercial-grade computer) which hosts (stores and displays) your website so it can be viewed by the world-wide community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • What's the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

    Shared hosting is a server that hosts multiple websites on its hard-drive and dedicated hosting is a server that is completely dedicated to one website. Webmax Technologies generally uses shared hosting for the majority of its clients as it's reliable and cost effective. Dedicated hosting is more powerful and faster, but much more expensive and is usually reserved for powerful e-commerce websites and/or websites with comprehensive content management systems (CMS), intranets or VPN's (virtual private networks).

  • Does Webmax Technologies use Linux or Windows based hosting?

    Depends. If we are developing a simple website from scratch, we usually opt for Linux based hosting as it is fast and cost effective, however, if the clients previous website (and database) was based on a windows-based hosting, then we would host the site on a windows-based hosting server. Sometimes we choose to host a website on a windows-based server because it would be more beneficial for us to develop the website in ASP.NET (windows-based server-side language) as we then have the opportunity to employ a whole host of other programming languages into the project.

  • Does Webmax Technologies have to manage the web hosting for me or can I manage it myself?

    We strongly recommend that you allow Webmax Technologies to manage of all the web hosting responsibilities to do with your website. However, if you are adamant that you own and manage the web hosting for your website, then we ask that you supply us with all the web hosting access details such as the FTP username and password, the control panel username and password and if the website includes a database, then all the database access details as well. Webmax Technologies's management of your web hosting means that Webmax Technologies will take responsibility for all the virus-protection, spam prevention, security, email and maintenance requirements. You may find "cheaper" hosting, but you will lose the convenience of our valued support and generally end up with web hosting of a lesser quality.

  • What web hosting features that Webmax Technologies will use for my website have?

    Web hosting features include:

    • Hard Disk Storage: 4 GB
    • POP3 Email Accounts: 500
    • Monthly Transfer: 240 GB
    • SSL for Secure Ordering
    • SmarterStats
    • FrontPage Extensions
    • Unlimited FTP Users
    • Installed ASP Components
    • Perl, CGI
    • Optional: MIVA Merchant Store
    • Email List Server
    • Web based control panel for email accounts
    • Read email through the Web (SmarterMail) or any mail client
    • Unlimited aliases
    • Unlimited email forwarding
    • CGI capable accounts with Perl scripting support
    • Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP)
    • Daily data backups
    • Diesel generator and UPS battery backup
    • Redundant data centre cooling and climate control systems
    • 99.9+% network uptime track record since 1997
    • Dedicated IP address
    • HTTP streaming for Real media and Windows media
    • Microsoft Gold Certified

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