PHP and MySQL Web Development and Programming

php and mysqlPHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an HTML-embedded programming language which executes scripts on a server and permits web designers to make dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP software development supports the use of database servers such as MySQL, Informix and Solid.

PHP development is one of the fastest-growing technologies for dynamic Website pages. PHP language is a robust, server-side language that can offer a great deal of functionality, and it can serve pages speedily. It can also make simple Flash animations and PDF documents on the fly effectively. It has advanced mathematical capabilities and object-oriented programming methodologies.

PHP and MySQL:

PHP along with MySQL, Linux and Apache, popularly known as the LAMP platform is an effective alternative to commercial software for building and running dynamic and high performance web systems. LAMP based development is becoming increasingly popular in developing solutions ranging from a considerably small website to a complex internet application. PHP and MySQL can be used for developing robust and scalable industry standard applications such as:

  • High-performance data warehouse applications
  • Online stores
  • CRM
  • Online real time support applications

Benefits of PHP application development which makes it popular are listed below:PHP MySQL

  • Cost Effective: It can be completely installed free as it is an open source development. This makes PHP very admired among the web developers.
  • User-friendliness and Compatibility: PHP Web Development can be done on both the operating system i.e. UNIX and Windows server. It is versatile as it is supported on most of the web servers.
  • Easy to learn: It is basically based on C++ language so all the syntax is quite similar to that of C++ syntax which makes PHP Web Development easier to manipulate.
  • It works perfectly with MySQL database and it also works perfectly with other business databases like Oracle and IBM DB2.
  • It also has a powerful output buffering that further increases over the output flow.
  • It works in combination of HTML to display dynamic elements on the page which makes it dynamic.
  • PHP can be used with a large number of relational database management systems and is available for many different operating systems.
  • Safety: This application is highly safe and secured.
  • No Royalty: PHP is a licensed product so there is no royalty fee involved.
  • The most recent version of PHP is very stable and it is used for web programming much like C/JavaScript, Java and Microsoft C#.
  • PHP always results in quicker navigation and efficient page loading as its processing speed is quite faster.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Easy to install and use. Easy customization.According to the client's requirements new features and functionality can be addedany time.
  • Decrease operational costs through creating automated applications systems which modernize your manual process. Extensive Platform Support - Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OsX etc.
  • Increase productiveness and sales through developing CRM which automates marketing process and sales.

PHP is a very well established language and its popularity is growing rapidly because it is free, it is fast and have full object oriented support and huge capability to build any sort of application which can run in web browser.

Extensive use of PHP in website design and web development over the years testifies the wide popularity and acceptance of PHP as a web application development technology.

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