• What is

    ASP.NET allows you to use a full featured programming language such as C# (pronounced C-Sharp) or VB.NET to build web applications easily. ASP.NET is the technology to build web applications using .NET. It is integrated into .NET. ASP.NET engine is responsible for processing .aspx file.

  • What are the Benifits of having a website in ASP.NET?

    Simply by translating your existing interpreted ASP/VBScript code to compiled code will give you a massive performance boost on existing sites. The other advantage is that it's quicker to develop. You must be doing it wrong No, seriously. It does take a while to pick up, but development times will be shorter once you get it right. It's much easier to write modular code and extensible code with the .Net languages and even VB.Net has a good object oriented structure, so code reuse is muh easier. You're almost forced to write modular code with

  • Does ASP.NET need the .NET Platform?

    ASP.NET derives its power from the .NET Platform and Services. Hence you need to install the .NET Platform for your ASP.NET applications. There is a separate .NET redistributable runtime (20 MB) available that can be installed on production web servers.

  • Do I need to install IIS to run applications?

    No. Though in production situation IIS is used, at the time of development, you can test your applications using ASP.NET Development Server, which is provided by Microsoft along with Visual Studio.NET and Visual Web Developer.

  • What are the main folder in an ASP.NET 2.0 application?
    Close 2.0 provides diffent folder for diffrent purposes the following table shows commonly used folders.

    Folder Description
    App_Code Contains all .cs or .vb files. Basically it contains code files
    App_Data Contains data files like .MDF files
    App_themes Contains themes created in the project

  • What is the limit regarding cookies on the browser?

    A maximum of 300 cookies can be stored on the user's system. No cookie can be larger than 4 kilobytes. No server or domain can place more than 20 cookies on a user's system.

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