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  • What is the difference between HTML and Flash? which one is better?

    HTML and Flash are both used to build websites. They are both used for web development but there are some distinct differences.
    A code to place and organize text, pictures and even Flash onto a web page. HTML is very efficient at displaying and organizing web pages and keeping the file size of the web page to a minimum.

    Flash is a multimedia tool commonly used create animation's and web pages for the web. Flash is not as efficient at creating web pages as HTML and its file size is generally larger resulting in a longer/slow load time for web pages, so rather then making the whole web site in FLASH you should go for the FLASH intro page to attract your customers or you may put small flash animation's on your web pages.

  • How Effective is Flash while Designing a Website?

    Flash makes a site look good and interactive for sure however it needs to be used intelligently while designing. Completely Flash based sites may not be effective, since these websites are usually not motioned by Search Engines.

  • What is interactive streaming?

    Flash Media Interactive Server also allows you to create Flash applications that engage multiple people at the same time, or to push data from server to client. You can create a shared media playback experience or real-time chat or video messaging applications.

  • What is Flash deep linking?

    Flash deep linking is new technology which successfully enables the Back, Forward and Reload buttons of the browser to work with a Flash website and creates unique URLs that can be sent over email or IM. Deep linking also allows Flash sites to be indexed by search engines.

  • Do Flash movies affects my Search Engine rankings?

    In theory Google can index Flash movies, but we don't think Flash movies/content gets very indexed very well. With things being as competitive as are right now for keyword/key-phrases optimization we don't recommend using them. However, if Flash annimation is important to you and you're up to the challenge, go for it.

  • Can you make flash animations for my web site?

    We make flash intros, flash banners and animated presentations.

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