ASP.NET Content Management Systems & Portal Solutions

ASP.NET Content Management Systems & Portal SolutionsWebmax Technologies has a outstanding Content Management Sytem (CMS)is goal to be a best easy to use and manage web based content management system.It will include all possible features that a web application can have like a web portal. It will have good administration features. Create a dynamic, user friendly and secured website with no knowledge of html.

After Developing many Web Application, developer realize that everytime you start writing a web application, CMS is specifically designed with developers in mind. It gives you the power to beat time over and over again with its straight forward integration and reliable working code.

Webmax Technologies CMS supports multiple levels of navigation, content editing and authoring, draft version and live publishing. Our CMS easily integrates into existing ASP.NET web sites, making them more dynamic and edit-friendly through a rich text Skilled worker.

Portal Solutions.Portal Solutions

Webmax Technologies is a leading web portal development company of India, and providing one of the best and affordable services in it according to the different requirements of the client. We also offer custom portal development solutions according to categorized needs of clients. It is our pride to provide you portal solutions as per your requirements. Web Portals are a dynamic and organic process platform for economic and social function. Web Portals are entrances into the Internet for many users.

Benefits of portal solution:

  • Improves mutuality of company's information and applications.
  • Provides assured environment for accessing company's restricted contents.
  • Improves cooperation through sharing of information and ideas.
  • Increased user satisfaction through advanced customization features.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of the organization through efficient flow of information.
  • Flexible and extendable classification of information improves the usability of the portal.
  • Existing contents are re-used more efficiently to improve business performance.

We provide qualified, technical and strategic thinking expertise, having highest level of hands on skills on portal solutions.

We help you find the right choice for your business.

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